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Natural Landscape Creations

Garden & Landscape Design

Green Concepts uses computer-based drawing systems for our design process.

We are able to provide both plan view drawings and 3D perspective drawings to our clients which helps them visualise their new landscape.

Green Concepts follows these fundamental practical solutions of landscape design:

  1. Movement & circulation
  2. Indoor/outdoor flow
  3. Spatial awareness
  4. Scale and proportion of fixed structures to landscape
  5. Relation of the surrounding natural environment to your property and creation of natural ecosystems within your property to enhance your community.

Design Services:

• Courtyards
• Outdoor Entertaining
• Patios & Driveways
• Front entrance design
• Service area design
• Streams, Waterfalls, Ponds
• Lifestyle and Rural design
• Schools and Kinder garden design
• Commercial & Industrial design

Plan available:

• Master Plans
• Planting plans
• Irrigation Plans
• Concepts Drawings
• Perspective Drawings
• Construction Drawings
• Landscape Report Writing
• Maintenance Schedule Writing
• Client Consultations